Welcome to the AAUW Grand Forks, North Dakota website!



The AAUW Grand Forks Branch was founded in 1917. Our activities are tailored to serve the AUUW mission statement, to advance equity for all women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research.

The Grand Forks Branch meets once a month in East Grand Forks at Campbell Library where we mingle and discuss topics that may enable us to better serve our community. Each month a topic or a local organization will present to the Grand Forks branch on ways to foster education and advocacy right here in the Red River Valley. Past guests have included North Dakota State President Deb Alber,  Jennifer Norton of Global Friends Coalition, Jeri Hietala from North Dakota Association of the Disabled (NDAD), Dr. Cheryl Terrance and Colin Hanson from the Ten Percent Society, and Sarah Kaiser (AAUW researcher).

In addition, the Grand Forks branch is dedicated to supporting the community by annually donating to the Community Violence Intervention Center (CVIC) and providing scholarships to exceptional and older than average students who attend the University of North Dakota. Profits from our annual book sale enable our branch to contribute directly to the advancement of women through education.

If you are interested in sitting in on a meeting, learning about AAUW, or just socializing with others who share your views, please join us for one of our meetings. We would love to have you!


Nialani Green

Vice President Program